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Saves the Day Marketing

As a seasoned marketer, Meaghan Anselm and her team at Saves the Day Marketing bring experience crafting dynamic digital content. With a keen eye for digital marketing trends, Saves the Day excels in SEO strategies, engaging video production, and social media content creation. Its multifaceted experience positions me as a versatile professional, ready to elevate brands through innovation and effective marketing strategies and content.

Saves the Day is proficient in creating digital and social media content for marketing and communications, accelerating brand identity. It seamlessly merges creativity with functionality. Saves the Day extends to project and client management using client relations management tools and project management software for organizations cross-functionally.

How can I help?

How can I help?


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Meaghan is extremely thorough and took the time to understand the process and how the redesign, content, and SEO all are intrinsically linked to create a successful marketing strategy. ~ Stephanie L.

Meaghan is everything you’d want in a production manager/producer. She is exceptional at making projects stay on target and investor needs are exceeded while ensuring scope creep and unrealistic expectations get negotiated to protect the well-being of the production. ~ Jonathan R.

She holds herself confidently and poised, but in the most graceful manner possible, and is always willing to teach and assist where her capabilities fit best. ~ Jewellynn W.

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